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Monocular nocturno Pulsar Forward DFA75Monocular acoplable Pulsar Forward DFA75
Monocular nocturno Pulsar Forward DFA75

Pulsar Forward DFA75 Digital Front Attachment

1799,00 €
Sales price: 1550,00 €
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MONOCULAR FORWARD DFA-75 Digital Front Attachment


Easy conversion of a day sight into a night riflescope
Retaining the zeroing middle point when used with a riflescope
High shock resistance on higher calibers
Readily removable
"Invisible" laser IR illuminator
Operating temperatures: -25 ... +50 °C

What's in the box

Digital NV attachment DFA75 | Protective cover | 915 nm attachable laser IR Illuminator | Spare battery container | Wireless remote control | Plastic case or carrying case (varies by shipment) | Video cable | User manual | Lens cloth | Warranty card

The Forward DFA75 is a digital night vision device designed for fast and easy conversion of a day scope into a digital night vision scope. To install the Forward DFA75 onto the front optical bell of a day telescopic sight, specially designed Cover Ring Adaptors (bought separately), are used. The Forward DFA75 will fit most day scopes.

The adaptor is designed to be permanently attached to the optical bell of a day scope. The Quick Release mount on this allows the Forward DFA75 to be quickly installed in front of the scope for night time shooting. The device uses a highly sensitive Sony CCD array; the image transmitted to the high resolution OLED display (640x480 pixels) is contrasty, crisp and saturated. Thanks to the use of an OLED display the Forward DFA75 can be used within a wide temperature range from -20 °C to +50 °C.

The Forward DFA75 features variable brightness and contrast (from 0 to 20) plus sensitivity enhancement settings. It allows the image to be adjusted to optimise performance for different operating conditions. The Forward DFA is equipped with a removable, eyesafe IR Laser Illuminator (915nm wavelength, safety class 1) which functions in the 'invisible' IR range. The illuminator features IR beam focusing (from spot to flood) and three-step power adjustment.

The main menu includes various functions such as: set-up, check and adjustment of the aiming point and 'Horizon' adjustment function. Icons on the data panel show operational status of the device (active functions, low battery indicator, etc)

The Forward DFA75 features a Video Out allowing attchment of an external DVR or monitor. The output video signal standard can be changed in the main menu (from PAL to NTSC). This product operates on four AA Alkaline/Lithium/Rechargeable batteries, but can also be powered by an external power pack - either the EPS3 or EPS5. Basic control functions (switching on/off of the device and the IR Illuminator, activation of 'SumLight™' software) can be performed via the included programmable wireless remote control.

The unit is optimised for performance on most day scopes with a magnification of 2-7x (dependent on individual scope design/performance). Whilst the unit may work with higher magnification, the Menu may not be visible or the resolution may break down to an unacceptable level (by zooming you are magnifying the individual pixels of the OLED screen).

The attachment is designed for professional and amateur use including hunting, observation, security and law enforcement.

Easy mounting

Easy mounting

Adapters with a set of reducing rings of various diameters are used to mount the Forward DFA on the housing of a day sight's lens. The size of the rings is determined by the outer diameter of the housing of the lens of your day sight.    

Retaining the point of impact

Retaining the point of impact

Due to the calibrated power of 1x, the Forward DFA retains the point of impact when mounted on a day sight. This prevents displacement of reticle image relative to the point of aiming when mounting the attachment in front of the riflescope, as well as when inclining the attachment relative its optical axis.  

Advantages of design

Advantages of design

When shooting with an attachment coupled with an optical sight, some important operational characteristics of day optics are preserved, namely: longer eye relief (compared to conventional NV riflescopes), customary reticle, variable magnification.  

(Forward DFA-DN) Wide operating temperature range

Wide operating temperature range

Ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant OLED display featuring fast response and provides crisp image when observing dynamic object.

Variable magnification

Variable magnification

Most of NV riflescopes have a fixed magnification not exceeding 6x. Coupled with a day sight, the attachment provides a tool for night shooting, ensuring variable magnification, as well as highest possible magnification.  

(Forward DFA-DN) Invisible laser IR illuminator

Invisible laser IR illuminator

The Forward is outfitted with built-in IR Laser Illuminator featuring three-step power adjustment. Complying with Class 1 laser safety, the laser IR Illuminator operates in the covert IR range (915 nm), invisible to the unaided human eye.

(Forward DFA-DN) User friendly interface

User friendly interface

Running status of unit's operation is displayed in the form of alphabetic and numeral characters and color icons. Graphics are permanently visible on a dedicated panel at the bottom of the display without overlapping the image observed.

(Forward DFA-DN) Wireless remote control

Wireless remote control

The wireless remote control allows you to turn/off the attachment, the built-in IR Illuminator and enhanced sensitivity function (SumLight™) without using the main controls.

(Forward DFA-DN) External power supply

External power supply

Operating time can be significantly extended by using high-capacity external power supply units attached to the Forward via an external power jack. During continued use in freezing weather, the external power supply units can be stored under the clothes.

(Forward DFA-DN) Video Out

Video Out

The Forward is equipped with a Video Out jack enabling real time video recording with the use of external recording equipment.

Sensitivity of device
Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 780 nm, mW, not more than 0.00003 (3x10^-5)
Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than 0.00015 (1.5x10^-4)
Electronic components
Camera resolution, pixels 500x582
Display type OLED
Display Resolution, pix. VGA 640x480
Video OUT availability analog
Optical characteristics
Magnification, x 1 (of the digital module)
Lens focus, mm 50
Relative aperture, D/f' 1:1
Field of View,°, horizontal 5
Resolution, lines per mm ≥ 50
Close-up range, m 5
Radiation source (diode type) Laser
IR Wavelength, nm 915
Power of IR Illuminator, mW 35 ... 50
IR Illuminator’s beam divergence angle, degree 5
Range of observation, m
Range of recognition, m 270
Power Supply
Power Supply, V 3.7 ÷ 6
Battery type 4xAA
External Power Supply DC 9 ÷ 15V / 3W
Physical & operational characteristics
Outer diameter of the lens housing of daylight scopes/riflescopes, mm See manual
Operating Temperature,°С - 25 … + 50
Remote control Wireless
Shock resistance on rifled weapon, J 6000
Dimensions, mm 155x82x117
Weight (without batteries), kg 0.56
5x30 Pulsar Monocular included no




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